Help Build Schools in Kashmir

We rebuild school in remote areas of Kashmir.With your help and support, we have rebuilt SEVEN Schools for children (Boys & Girls). Your continued support and encouragement is the key to the success of KRDF. More projects are in Pipeline. 

Kashmir Relief & Development Foundation (KRDF) was set up immediately after the devastating earthquake of October 2005. With your help and support, we have completed the following projects.

  • Rebuilt SEVEN Schools for children (Boys & Girls)
  • Completed FIFTEEN Fresh Water Supply Schemes (Fresh Drinking Water)
  • Set up TWELVE Mobile Vocational Training Centers for women.
  • A community Medical Centre (Under Construction)

Without your moral and financial support we would not be able to continue with this important humanitarian work. You can sponsor to build a whole school or contribute as much as you can.

Sponsor to Build: A Classroom: £2500- Per Room
Sponsor Salary of a School Teacher £1200 per year (Monthly D/D £10)
Sponsor Furniture of a Classroom £450 per Classroom
Sponsor a Child’s education £40 per month