What We Do...

Helping to rebuild the shattered lives.

Building Schools

We build school in remotest areas of Kashmir. Since the earthquake of 2005, we have rebuilt 7 Schools for children for both Boys & Girls and more are in the Pipeline

Provide Fresh Water Supply

Where once women had to walk for miles to get water, we endeavour to transform their lives by providing access to safe water. We have completed 15 such projects benefiting thousands of people. 

Provide Free Education

We provide free education to most deserving children in our schools. All school uniforms, books, and stationary are provided free. Thousands of deserving children are getting quality education. 

Vocational Training for Women

We have set up 12 Vocational Training Centers in many parts of Kashmir. These centers teach women skills to become self reliant. Each center is equipped with One teacher, 20 sewing machines, tables, chairs, one generator and other necessary items.

Employment for Local People

Teachers for our schools are recruited from the local community & are fully qualified. Local materials & tradesmen are also used in the building of our schools. Schools are run by a committee of local people.

Community Health Center

A much needed community health center is under construction is a remote village of Pirkot, Tehsil Hajira, District poonch, Kashmir. Currently , local people have to travel miles to get any kind of medical aid with patients sometimes having to be carried on shoulder. 

For over a decade

We have been at the forefront of relief operations

Apart from our long term projects (Schools, Vocational Centres, Water Supply Projects, Health Centre) KRDF engages in relief operations in Kashmir. We have helped thousands of people during the recent floods. Recently due to firing between India and Pakistan, many people were killed, injured and became homeless near Line of Control (LoC). KRDF stepped up and provided food to hundreds of Household. 

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Help us to Rebuild Shattered Lives

Only with the help of our donors can we continue this very urgent and important work. Your continued support and encouragement is the key to the success of KRDF. Without your moral and financial support we would not be able to continue with this important humanitarian work.

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