Vocational Training Centre – Sheri, Kutli, Dhirkot, District Bagh

A strong earthquake measuring 7.6 on the HRV hit this region on 8th October 2005. This calamity left in its wake, thousands of men, women and children dead, and hundred of thousands injured. This was one of the strongest earthquakes in this general area since a M7.6 in 1555.

One seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake of Oct. 2005, KRDF distributed relief goods in the far flung area of this district. After the initial phase, KRDF has successfully set up a Vocational Training Centres in this area. Located in the remote village of SEHEER, Kotli which is in District Bagh, the centre serves a vast population of the adjacent villages.

Each VCT is equipped with One teacher, 20 sewing machines, tables, chairs, One generator and Other necessary items.

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